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Virtual Tour

Preparation, terms and conditions

Weather conditions

Please note that planned shoots will be re-scheduled based on any of these weather conditions:


  • It is raining, as there will be raindrops on the lens that distort the images, and your business won’t look as good as it could be.

  • It is too windy; the tripod can blow over and break or wobble resulting in poor quality, unusable images.

  • Poor natural lighting; for best results the 360 photography should be taken during day light or well lit spaces.

Property preparation


Please read and ensure the following conditions are met for the best quality results:

  • Virtual tours are best viewed without any people. If you're prepping a commercial space, send notice to staff, and guests that some common areas may be closed for a period of time.

  • While decluttering may be the most obvious, it’s one of the most important. Clear tables, desks, and countertops of paper, post-it notes, and other miscellaneous stationery. Make sure boxes, if any, are stored away and out of sight.

  • This also goes without saying, but even the smallest stain or clumps of dust will be captured. Dust all surfaces and then open a window for fresh air to circulate. Check all furniture, pillows, and linens for stains and clean or replace as necessary.

  • Stage your space. Wall art, frames, and lamp shades should be straight. Place your decor exactly as you want it and what makes the most sense. Avoid seasonal decor, like holiday lights or Halloween decorations as this will date your virtual tour.

Lights and TV screens


For the best results please ensure:

  • Turn all of the lights ON, including lamps, under counter lights and even stove lights.

  • Open the curtains and blinds on windows in any room being photographed/scanned.

  • Make sure all lights work properly and bulbs emit the same colour temperature.

  • Make sure television screens and monitors work and make sure their displays are consistent. Otherwise, it's best to keep them off.


Exterior preparation

  • Make sure the exterior is presentable.  

  • Move bins out of sight. In addition, store away gardening tools and hoses. Clear debris from walkways.

Final check

  • Lastly, we recommend walking the property before the photo shoot to catch any areas you may have missed while staging and prepping. Stand in the middle of the room and spin slowly around the room. Look for anything that seems out of place. Walk the halls and common areas to go over your prep checklist. If it seems out of place, it probably is. Be thorough and check every detail before the shoot.

In conclusion, a clean property will look much better online. Putting in the extra effort into staging and preparing the property for our arrival will produce better images. A better online representation will create a better first impression, a faster conversion, and potentially a higher offer!


Every project has unique requirements so use this as a guide.

Delivery of a custom Virtual Tour approximately 10 days from the start date on site.

NOTE: For a Google Virtual Tour it takes approximately five days for the tour to publish to your Google My Business page. This number can vary, depending on Google’s mapping servers and their policies. Delays that are out of our control can occur, but don’t worry – we will alert you when the tour is published and live.

Areas covered

We are based in London and cover the UK.

A travel cost will be applied for projects outside the M25 and will be highlighted in our quotation.

Download the printable virtual tour preparation sheet:

We look forward to working with you!

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